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3 photopost I <3

Yup, title says it all!!

first out is Ryan Donnels series about weird voting places in the US. it’s quirky fun and intriuging (especially if you come from a country where you only vote at schools) – check it out here – check out Ryans own site here

Second out is a series about city skylines made of a lot of different stuff – check it out here

third, but not least, is a series from the Stockholm (sweden) subway! it’s so awesome and way prettier than the copenhagen one – check it out here

all for now and untill next time!!



Secrets to share?

or do you just feel like doing something funny, quirky, nice and different? DropSpots it is then…. mini adventures combined with the joy of the exclusivity with a dash of indie-postsecret-found-society-look-a-like! A DropSpot is a secret place where someone left you a present/gift and when you find it, you leave your own present/gift for the next one…

I find it amazingly cute and it’s really something I have to try… there’s one DropSpot in Copenhagen so far… I’m checking it out and I think I’m making another one soon.

check out if there’s a DropSpot in your town here

all for now and untill next time

Nights in Copenhagen

I’ve just visited my friend Christian. We sat on the rooftop and talked about being alive and the feelings that come with it. How to cope life, love and everything else…

he played a track for me I had to share with the world. It hit every note in my mood, made me sad, happy, nostalgic, longing, loving and full of emotions…

The Cinematic Orchestra – To Build a Home – (it’s gonna be a youtube since I haven’t got the upgrade thingy that allows me to add music to my posts)

all for now and untill next time

Stuck in Berlin


not translation, cause that would be the tackiest blog title ever…

anyways… i’m sitting in ZOB waiting for a bus. I coulda, woulda and shoulda (as Beverly Knight sang) been on the bus at this very moment. but nooooooo, i had to get a snack before going for the frickin’ S-bahn, and I, apperently, had to get on the only s-bahn train in entire berlin thet was slower than shit…

But I shouldn’t complain, I had a great trip and I met some old friends.

anyways… so now i’m going home, or then again… My original ticket was for Århus (I just moved there) but since it’s a small shitty city, there’s like 3 departures a week for it. So I’m going to Copenhagen, sleeping there and taking the morning train to Århus.

I posting a picture of the place I’m at right now. This kind of place always reminds me of the tiger tunes song. “hanging out in Airports”

anyways… this is totally it for now, and see you soon again

as a treat for all of you, here’s Beverlys video and a link where you can check out Tiger Tunes and download some of their free tracks – link here

Tea or Coffee?

a common question while your somewhat thousands of feet up in the air, usually asked by the stewardesse.

And that is what this post is about. Pam Ann is coming to Denmark, and a hallelujah for that. Those of you who have been checking my vodpod might know her but for the rest of you. She’s a british comedian who does stewardesse impression… simple and brilliant – and really gay.

anyways, go buy tickets you fools!! – here

and for all of you who havent’t seen any of her materail yet… here goes

all for now

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