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Avatar Days

<3<3<3 this little movie from Ireland made by Gavin Kelly – reminds me of the book featuring portraits of people and their avatar next to it… this is just alot cooler… love how in one of the scenes an avatar is standing in line in a kiosk and noone seems to care 🙂

check out more Gavin Kelly here (the group he works for i guess)

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I <3 it!

yes… I F’ing heart it… someone posted this and i love it… the idea that the entire concept of “INCEPTION” is based on Donald Duck

wow and THX BoingBoing

take a look for yourself here and more here

Oldschool Animations

with cats… in an artsy, classic and francofilic way

click here

and something extra for the danes… this dude is special – click here

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Sometimes you feel like a kid

and that is why i can’t wait to see the movie version of Where The Wild Things Are. I have no clue where I learned about it, I think it’s when I worked in a kindergarten but I’m not sure… Sure as hell isn’t a book I read when I was a kid (I think at least)

Anyways… check out the tralier here (no embedding sorry)

I think it looks magical… And like something I’d love to pretend I’m 8 years to

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Which way to go?

North of course, or in this case NORD

There’s a beautiful man in Norway who send me a piece of his heart in the shape of a DVD. I had actually forgotten everything about it and my heart melted as soon as the package was delivered.

NORD is a movie about finding out how you relate to people and how numb you can be before it ruins everything – it’s all in the north of Norway and has a beautifull setting.

The movie really had me and it’s been awhile since i’ve had a movie make me think about my life

Dammit, check it out

all for now and untill next time

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