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New Year, New Artist

So ‘i’ve been aways not blogging but travelling and having a blast! but now I’m back and ready to do some work – including updating this more oftent

As the first treat this year i present to you Blake Fall-Conroy and his amazing sculptures and instalations. He works with a pragmatic, funny and quirky acces to life and twists the perception of our everyday. The machine on the photo is a miknimum wage machine – if you turn the handle for an hour you will earn 7,15 $, this meaning it will realese a penny every five seconds – a lovely way to illustrate the value of your time.

check out his work here

all for now and untill next time


It’s even more artsy

since she’s french – her name is Baptiste Debombourg and the name matches the art – explosive and full of potential.

just found her – love her portfolio, it’s similar to alot of what I’ve blogged about earlier… she’s french, weird and beautifully quirky… love it.

just wanted to share – check it out here

all for now and untill next time

Oh the patience

sometimes you fell like doing art yourself… sometimes you even buy the stuff you need to do it… and then you don’t have the patience to actually sit for days and nights and it goes into a corner and stays there. But not this dude. The key word is patience and alot of it.

Motoi Yamamoto does instalations in rice and salt. Yup, rice and salt… check out his amazing work here and imagine how much time it takes to makes this.

all for now and untill next time

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