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I know, it’s really simple but since it’s owls (yes OWLS!!!) and the situation of hangovers… i love it! I think it’s the same reason I laugh hard of people being stoned in movies – because it’s so funny and i kind of have either been that dude or talked to that dude… and in this situation, I’ve been the Owl…

enjoy here

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just random stuff i’ve found on the internets

just random

from the top:

lamp i found on hot australian guys blog – lamp made by Johanne Stavnstrup

random picture of airport

blog about what families devour – Ouch…

My ex something Mads Dinesen had his Graduation show from UDK

The Gashlycrumb tinies – horrific child poetry

oilbodypainted guy in subway – art by Alexa Meade

beardhead – my newest ascessoires for the winter – check it out here

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Yes… stairs – wow, I know, sounds booring… but it’s not thanks to Lang Baumann a german architechture/art couple that did a collection of stairs/installations. They are simple, beautiful and just a bit off… not crazy in the the stairs are made out of puke kinda’ way, but just a bit off…

check out what design boom writes about them here

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Soooo… Christian Faur made art in crayola, it’s not breaking news but it’s pretty. He does though, break the niceness with some out of place colours and makes it a bit more edgy and interesting.

He’s quite taletented and i’d like to see him do stuff with other materials.

check out more stuff here

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(thanks to for showing me this)

Shit’s been busy

Short list

My book is out, release was the 28th… been busy

boyfriend broke up with me… ben sad

Had to do a presentation… been stressed

Anyways – latest in arts, or what I’ve noticed at least… Sooo, Aj Fosik. Know nothing bout the dude, couldn’t find that much info but this blog post about him is awesome. I really like the brightness of his colours and the fact that it’s kinda like China meets Neu Rave. I would love to have some of his wood work hanging in my living room

all for now and untill next time (sooon, I promise)

So many Pens

and apparently also alot of time

Heike Weber has more patience then most people in this world – especially when she does her permanent marker instalations on acryllic floors. It’s defenitly something i’d like to see up close

check her site out here (click on raumarbeit)

thx to bumbumbum and Cecilie Friis Borup for letting me stumble upon this artist

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It’s natural

to have some breaks now and then… but then you need to get back on the horse or the blog or whatev…


Found this via SynapticStimuli and I absolutly love it…

it speaks to my inner hippie, artist, geek, snob and it’s also pretty…

The artist is Andy Goldsworthy and it’s called environmental art… yup… it really is an art form. And I love it. There’s something beautifull about using all natural things in their natural “habitat” and context, and then changing it a bit so it stands out and makes a total new context.

go check it out here

all for now and untill next time

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