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Brad, Marry Me!

seiously… if you’re this brilliant in your work, then I need to marry you.

Brad Downey is one of my old/new obsessions… I’ve seen some of his earlier work two years ago, but without the mentioning of his name. Stuff like his telephone booth filled with ballons and the rubbish suicide made me love this dude whom I had no idea of was the same. And now, i know and love him.

but the latest (first photo in blog) really had me going… seriously, so simple, so pretty, kind of like natural art or japanese tendencies… i love it…

man I hope he’s single

check out his own site here and his latest work here

all for now and untill next time

Stuff from the internets

Hey Ya’ll… just a random selection of stuff from the internets

first out – truth about bacon here

second – Gagaism at its best – here

third – friends from cph started a new blog, check out the ladies here

finally – newest time wasting yet informing blog on the block – at least my blog… a new boy in my life told me bout’ this and it’s had me from clik-one! check out Information is Beatifull here

all for now and untill next time 🙂

2 sides of blogging

both is art – one is way arty and the other is more like curriosa

First of we have COLT+RANE – a tumblr gone wild feat. nice, fun, artsy, curriuos and pretty things. I haven’t seen anything there I don’t like. If you go visit here, please remember to check out their post with a Brian Eno and Grizzly Bear DIY remix. Gets me everytime…

second…. yeah…. ehm’…. This is gay, artsy, weird excentric and too much. And that’s why I like it – It’s graphic and contains nudity, a lot… but its art…some of it, some is maybe porn… Anyways, Markko Donto – check it out here

well… all for now and untill next time

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