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The Facts are These

I’ve never been a guy to complain if they cancel a show on TV. I might have been upset for about 30 minuttes and then forgotten about it. I might have shrugged and thought, what the hey…

But not this time. This time I actually got sad. It’s official that ABC isn’t buying a third season of Pushing Daisies, and what a shame. The show is one of the best I’ve ever seen, and probably ever will see. It’s gotten me mesmorized and had me hooked in less than 5 minuttes in to the show. The show found that magical spot, the place inbetween Tim Burton, Amelie, Six Feet Under and Mathilda. A spot that hasn’t been touched alot before in TV. And the show found a place in my heart. I even got my brother the first season on DVD to share my love of the show.

Well, I must admit, I love the show so much I even mailed ABC and told them that I’m sad they’re stopping the show.

before i leave i’ll be sharing three of my favourite clips from the show with you, only three since it’s hard to choose and Olive and the aunts are such great characters…

If you don’t know the show, I can tell you they don’t sing all the time – and yes, it’s the girl who sings “Suddenly Seymour” in “Little Shop of Horrors” who sings “Morning has Broken”

All for now

My kind of Show



I like TV. I really like TV. I check daily, I watch the latest episode of GossipGirl right after it has aired in th US and search the net to find stupid shows and concepts to get addicted by.

I have some show i watch alot nowadays, but they have all been drama, sci-fi or sit-coms. No reality shows (besides that show with the kids surviving in a western ghost city) ahs been on my radar lately… but then came a tip from a classmate of mine. Or actually he asked me if I’ve been living in a cave since a haven’t seen thegreatest reality gameshow ever, “I Survived a Japanese Game Show”

So I checked it out and I got hooked. Silly americans doing what they’re best at. making a fool out of them selves.

If you haven’t seen it yet, I’d recommend you to maybe click here.

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