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Avatar Days

<3<3<3 this little movie from Ireland made by Gavin Kelly – reminds me of the book featuring portraits of people and their avatar next to it… this is just alot cooler… love how in one of the scenes an avatar is standing in line in a kiosk and noone seems to care 🙂

check out more Gavin Kelly here (the group he works for i guess)

all for now and untill later

3 photopost I <3

Yup, title says it all!!

first out is Ryan Donnels series about weird voting places in the US. it’s quirky fun and intriuging (especially if you come from a country where you only vote at schools) – check it out here – check out Ryans own site here

Second out is a series about city skylines made of a lot of different stuff – check it out here

third, but not least, is a series from the Stockholm (sweden) subway! it’s so awesome and way prettier than the copenhagen one – check it out here

all for now and untill next time!!


Just read this

great post that brought me back to my younger cereal eating in front of the telly days. Comicsalliance (great site btw) made a pst about the title cards in the early batman cartoons… seriously… i had totally forgotten the beauty of them and the universe that Bruce Timm pulls you into.

check out the post here

all for now and untill next time

Sleepy time

just like the post before this is a post where I’m not sure if this is art or not

It requires a webcam and an open mind.

It evolves and grows and enriches and lives its own life. Respect to Kim Köster

it’s kinda of cute and magical and you should check it out here

all for now and untill next time

I soooooo want this

man, such a simple idea but totally awesome concept

i’m going to buy one as soon as i can – check them out here and here

all for now and untill next time

If you find this link funny

You are one of those dudes (or dudettes) that start the dead conversation by saying “that reminds me of a scene in xx show where xx does…” or hanging out with your pals saying  “nonononono archer is waaaaay cooler than venture bros”

check it here 🙂

all for now and untill next time

Brad, Marry Me!

seiously… if you’re this brilliant in your work, then I need to marry you.

Brad Downey is one of my old/new obsessions… I’ve seen some of his earlier work two years ago, but without the mentioning of his name. Stuff like his telephone booth filled with ballons and the rubbish suicide made me love this dude whom I had no idea of was the same. And now, i know and love him.

but the latest (first photo in blog) really had me going… seriously, so simple, so pretty, kind of like natural art or japanese tendencies… i love it…

man I hope he’s single

check out his own site here and his latest work here

all for now and untill next time

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