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Sometimes you feel like a kid

and that is why i can’t wait to see the movie version of Where The Wild Things Are. I have no clue where I learned about it, I think it’s when I worked in a kindergarten but I’m not sure… Sure as hell isn’t a book I read when I was a kid (I think at least)

Anyways… check out the tralier here (no embedding sorry)

I think it looks magical… And like something I’d love to pretend I’m 8 years to

all for now and untill next time


How could I forget her

and I never really did…

After all, best concert at Roskilde last year was her. And I’ve been hooked on this girl for years… dammit, if you don’t know I pitty you (fool… as mr. T would have said)

Lately she’s been rather quiet (insert sad face and moan) but but but… at one of my fav blogs Oh Crap they recently did a ZIP post and you never know what you get in those. But what I got was a lovely suprise and a nice new trip down memory lane (okay, strechting it… I know) when I opened a Robyn remix, and a good one!!!

anyways, if you like Robyn and If you like dubby remixes/or is it 2step…. I can never get i right…  maybe you should click here – not forcing anyone

anyways, you could also check out Oh Crap here

anyways… I know I’ve been lazy with posting (thanks for telling me Mikkel) but I’ll try my best to update more oftent…

untill next time, and all for now

Once you go Malmö

you do come back…

I’ve been doing school work in Malmö the last 3 days and it’s been major fun, especially because of Mia and Bjarke who’s been funny and anoying. Mainly funny. I already miss Malmö and all the things about Sweden i adore… one thing in particular which I haven’t had since i was about 16 yo. and my mom brought them home from Sweden.



I’m talking about Polly, delicious chewy chocolates… mmmmm

I’m gonne go back to Malmö soon to get some, and play som minature golf in Folkets Park since I haven’t done that in a while either.

all for now

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