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Pling pling pling

and alot of others sounds is what you get in this lovely little stoner game kind of thing

It’s a sound matrix and if you, like me, get caught up with cute and funny games on the internets… then you’ll love this

check it out here

all for now and untill next time

It’s in my head

WOW music post – been a million years since I did one of those.

What’s in my ears on my way to work nowadays? It’s mainly electronic and it’s aaaaaaalll goood. But one song has the lead

Gorillaz – Stylo (Alex Metric Remix) is so MoFo nice and disco and fun and ktichy and perfect… it has the longest intro ever but it pays off and it’s a major hit in my book

all for now and untill next time

Momma’s Back

or Roisin Murphy is 🙂 and hurray for that! Power, anthem, hot, rough and a slap bass that reminds you of Grace Jones….

it’s hot hot hot  and while it still is, you should click here

and now we’re at it… You’ve probably seen the cute, singstar rip-off, progress art video made for Sias (or feat. L-flax, but you don’t care do you?) “You’ve Changed” – if you haven’t seen the video check it out and if you like the tune maybe click here?

and if you know who Peter Jöback is and like me is supprised to see that name next to Sia you should click here

thanks to this is tone for the links and great blog

all for now and untill next time

My boyfriend is back

or at least my computer is back and up and running – and OH! the joy! I will be blogging again and i will be stumbling and I will enjoy wathing Glee online again 🙂

anyways – Whilst having nothing to do since my life apparently is lived through my computer, and otherwise only consist of working for the man and sleeping, I re-found my creative side (or what ever you call it without being all girly about it)

Yes – it’s paper, and I’m cutting it… into shapes and stuff with stuff… First one was made because I was attending a party with a bird theme (no story, sorry – to weird and to drunk) and the other because I needed something for the bare wall in my “living room/office”.

and what did I listen to while i was cutting you say? – well… right now it’s Modern Drift by Efterklang… it’s the soundtrack of my state of mind these days and really makes me mellow and comfy

check it out here

all for now and untill next time

It’s Raining

and it’s fall and all that other cozy shizzle that the indie girls like… Well, even I like it sometimes… and that is why I have to share this link to Valdemar Have – singer/songwriter from Copenhagen who really fits my fall mood and the “I’m not crying but don’t talk to me” mood some people sometimes tend to be in..

check him out here

and If you’re up for it… you can see him when He’s supporting Taxi Taxi on their tour of Denmark (and we love them aswell)

ps: it’s his myspace picture… I know it makes no sense… but who gives a hoot

all for now and untill next time

Sometimes songs just get stuck in your head

and it isn’t always a bad thing

rainbow arabia

rainbow arabia

I played a gig in a, let us be honest, a crappy disco… and to make myself feel better and make sure that the amount alcohol we consumed was sweated out again I played Rainbow Arabia – Holiday in Congo (Myd remix) (and you could click here if you feel like it)

I don’t know why, but it really gets me going and makes me want to dance around – I’ve never heard of them before, and haven’t researched anyting… but who gives a hoot when it’s lovely…

hope it does the same for you as it did for me…

all for now and untill next time

Nights in Copenhagen

I’ve just visited my friend Christian. We sat on the rooftop and talked about being alive and the feelings that come with it. How to cope life, love and everything else…

he played a track for me I had to share with the world. It hit every note in my mood, made me sad, happy, nostalgic, longing, loving and full of emotions…

The Cinematic Orchestra – To Build a Home – (it’s gonna be a youtube since I haven’t got the upgrade thingy that allows me to add music to my posts)

all for now and untill next time

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