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it IS that good.. and it’s not that offent my jaw drops to the floor over a blog.

There might be some smiles and postive words like awesome and duuuuude… but this blog took me by storm. The name, the weirdness, the minimalism, the absurdities and the love of entertaining.

Hey Future, Stop Sucking… it’s a great name, and spot on when it comes to what is on the blog. I’ve posted one of the videos from the blog (and it was a hard choice, might I ad) to give you some idea about what it’s all about. check the blog out here

all for now and untill next time



if you ever thougt you’d feel like going insane or just do nothing but stare at tiny blue balls move around… well i’ve found the perfect site for you. I’ve managed looking for 10 minuttes and decided to stop so my brain wouldn’t melt… if you need to last longer than that, then you definitly need to turn off the sound.

check out some insane no point fun madness here

We all love to see them…

Everyone likes looking through other peoples photos, espacially if there’s prom pictures or portraits taken in front of a lousy red velour background.

And i’ve just discovered a blog that fullfills my need to check out pictures that are old, funny, ugly, quirky and mainly portraits that you’d normally hide under your bed and show to noone.

check out the blog SEXY PEOPLE here

all for now

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