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Afraid of meeting new people

then don’t click here

chatroulette FTW – i love the idea of not nowing who you’re going to be connected to – try it, it’s intemedating and extremly addictive

all for now and untill next time

Native Internet?

Jeffrey Augustine is the artist behind the “Dream CAPTCHA”and if you’ve ever had a myspace account, tried to post something on a website or even just wanted to acces an area of a webpage, you’ve probably encountered a CAPTCHA. But i bet this is the first one you’ve tried in art form.

You can check some of the others out here and maybe browse through some of his other works.

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Never to late

to learn… or at least to be entertained while you get to know alot more about the stuff you stumbled over on the great information highway called the internet. Yeah, I knew about memes like Yo Dawg, O RLY and David after Dentist but this is like the internet nerdy version of behind the scenes… you get all the background info, who uploaded it, why did it end uo like this… and it’s actually quite interesting with a touch of funny…

anyways… enough talk about feelings – check it out here

and if you need to know more about memes – read this

and while you’re at it… check out this

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