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3 photopost I <3

Yup, title says it all!!

first out is Ryan Donnels series about weird voting places in the US. it’s quirky fun and intriuging (especially if you come from a country where you only vote at schools) – check it out here – check out Ryans own site here

Second out is a series about city skylines made of a lot of different stuff – check it out here

third, but not least, is a series from the Stockholm (sweden) subway! it’s so awesome and way prettier than the copenhagen one – check it out here

all for now and untill next time!!


Tubing it!

sometimes you just get amazed and think it’s wonderfull. Eventhough you’re not sure if you’re impressed, momentarily amazed or actually really like this…

so far, I really do like this… First of, it has to do with subways around the world, and I for one love public transportation and especially the maps of it.

This site contains both the map and drawings of people from all over the world. And really nice drawings, a can’t wuite define the style but it reminds me of some of the 70’ties comicbooks my stepmom keeps in her office.

go check it out here

all for now

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