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Is Food the new Fashion?

I might be a bit slow – but everyone has seen the 20yo. girl with a awesome Nikon, a pair of plateaus and a cute hat – probs’ everything is bought at APC or ASOS… I don’t know – but they have one thing in common – they all have a blog about fashion. And you know what… I give a shit… i give a flying hoot about that you like this kind of shoe and that this blogger wore this.

Admitted, i like fashion, but it’s lost some of its edge with the huge amount of new bloggers…

It seems like the new area of popular blogging is food (yeah, i know, i might be behind schedule)…I ‘ve noticed a lot of my friends blogging about it and that there is somekind of new “junta” in Copenhagen consisting of foodbloggers.

Anyways, go check out my two friends Anne Au Chocolat or Sandra Skriver – both are in danish…

all for now and untill next time

You don’t want to

but secretly you are envious of the people who eat this…

this is why you’re fat is a blog about food, or should I say, foodextravaganzas… it’s over the top, it’s too much and it’s greasy as hell… go check it out here

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Are you bored?

or just a bit weird?

Either case apparently you have to much time on your hands. Lately at my workplace we (me and AK, mainly) have discussed why people use stuff like icanhazcheeseburgers and lol-cats. People who before the internet dressed up their pets in the basement and took pictures now meet friends on the net, and make forums where they can share pictures of the stupid things they do.

But this one. this is just weird… I love it… a guy who everyday (almost) scans sandwiches… why? who knows?

check it out here

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