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Cutest project Ever

Ok… it’s not kitten and a ball of yarn cute, but it’s so simple and based on something as beautiful as trust.

Take picture, don’t steal is an art project started by Matt Greenwood in Toronto – basicly he trusts people – he hangs a disposable camera somewhere with a sign saying “take picture, don’t steal” – and amazingly… people do this… and let i t hang so he can develop the pictures and hang a new one

check out more here

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End of Movember

means men with more facial hair than usual, and also means… I fancy guys with mustaches or beards… and that is why i love this site with photos by Dave Mead! (love his work)

go check out all the lovely beardy men – my favourite is the bjørn borg look a like!

remember that prostate cancer is still an issue, go get checked…

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Brad, Marry Me!

seiously… if you’re this brilliant in your work, then I need to marry you.

Brad Downey is one of my old/new obsessions… I’ve seen some of his earlier work two years ago, but without the mentioning of his name. Stuff like his telephone booth filled with ballons and the rubbish suicide made me love this dude whom I had no idea of was the same. And now, i know and love him.

but the latest (first photo in blog) really had me going… seriously, so simple, so pretty, kind of like natural art or japanese tendencies… i love it…

man I hope he’s single

check out his own site here and his latest work here

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It’s like cartoon network but better

Pablo Lobato – just discovered him today…

I love the way that he draws with influences from picasso, the 60’ies and cartoons like power puff girls. It’s not groundbreaking but i like his way of drawing and the bit of edge he puts into his drawings.

Check out stuff here

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August means Art

lately i’ve been drunk… no shit – summer has been all about getting a buzz on and now it’s back to work and the internets…

my latest discovery is this amazing structural creature piece of art by Theo Jansen – check it out here – I don’t know if it’s just brilliant or just weird… i think i love it…

in other news we have Francois Robert – it’s been some while since I discovered his art but it’s still worth a look – it’s a cheezy subject but hey, it works – check it out here

finally – just get you stoner on about this photo

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Is Food the new Fashion?

I might be a bit slow – but everyone has seen the 20yo. girl with a awesome Nikon, a pair of plateaus and a cute hat – probs’ everything is bought at APC or ASOS… I don’t know – but they have one thing in common – they all have a blog about fashion. And you know what… I give a shit… i give a flying hoot about that you like this kind of shoe and that this blogger wore this.

Admitted, i like fashion, but it’s lost some of its edge with the huge amount of new bloggers…

It seems like the new area of popular blogging is food (yeah, i know, i might be behind schedule)…I ‘ve noticed a lot of my friends blogging about it and that there is somekind of new “junta” in Copenhagen consisting of foodbloggers.

Anyways, go check out my two friends Anne Au Chocolat or Sandra Skriver – both are in danish…

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Soooo… Christian Faur made art in crayola, it’s not breaking news but it’s pretty. He does though, break the niceness with some out of place colours and makes it a bit more edgy and interesting.

He’s quite taletented and i’d like to see him do stuff with other materials.

check out more stuff here

all for now and undtill next time

(thanks to for showing me this)

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