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it’s so simple

and that’s why I love it.

Marc Johns has a natural, slightly off, cute way when he appoaches a tabu or just aout anything really! His drawings are simple, yet neat and quirky.

I’m thinking of getting one as a tattoo – yup – like everyone else who adores his drawings…

check out more here

all for now and untill next time

cool or too much?

I don’t know – I kind of like the idea behind it but again it feels like somekind of  schoolproject not able to actually go through.

But I like it enough to blog it – check it out here and find out why the thing in the picture is more than just som weird furniture

all for now and untill next time

No explanation needed

nope… if you’ve read my blog you would, without a doubt in your heart, know, that this is a major hit in my world – i have to buy one… why? look at it! seriously… it’s a crochet animal – or as Shauna Richardson (the artist) calls it crochetdermy…. way cool….

check out more of Shauna Richardsons stuff here

thanks to designboom for letting me discover a great artist whom hopefully will love my money.

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Remember rice dude?

Then meet pin girl – Ran Hwang does art installations in pins, needles and buttons… it’s really pretty and I love that depending on where you stand the art has a different texture

check out her stuff here

It does seem though, as if she hasn’t done anything since 2008, but hopefully she will soon

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Preserve nature?

Naoko Ito? sounds familiar? no… doesn’t matter – Born and red in Japan. living in New York and making art that really gets to me. it’s simple, fun, weird and simple without being easy. This image is taken from her newest work Urban nature 2009 and this piece is called “Ubiquitous”.

check out her site here

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Oh the patience

sometimes you fell like doing art yourself… sometimes you even buy the stuff you need to do it… and then you don’t have the patience to actually sit for days and nights and it goes into a corner and stays there. But not this dude. The key word is patience and alot of it.

Motoi Yamamoto does instalations in rice and salt. Yup, rice and salt… check out his amazing work here and imagine how much time it takes to makes this.

all for now and untill next time

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