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You don’t want to

but secretly you are envious of the people who eat this…

this is why you’re fat is a blog about food, or should I say, foodextravaganzas… it’s over the top, it’s too much and it’s greasy as hell… go check it out here

all for now and untill next time


Well… i had bookmarked Buffet Libre a hundred yeas ago and forgotten almost everythng about it… then my friend Thomas asked if i knew, if there had ever been made a indie cover of a Grease song. I had no clue but remembered that Buffet Libre had a project called Rewind, where indie and electro artist did covers and remixes of 80’ies classics and thought that there might be one there… luckily there wasn’t, but I came across alot of other great songs. The favourite being Adventure Kids cover of Men With Hats hit track “safety dance”.

Anyways, if you haven’t checked out Buffet Libre, you should do it… now they’re doing an open source remix site. Diffenrent artist upload their tracks and if you want to, you can remix it, and they will post it on the site… pretty cool I think.

check out buffet libre here

check out their rewind project here

or listen to Adventure Kids song here or check his myspace here

The search for a indie cover of a Grease song didn’t stop there and youtube lead me to a group called, The Castillo Kids. It’s three kids and apparently a parrent with to much sparetime. I’ll give you an example, it’s one out of many

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