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Lost and Found

and people who treasure other peoples memories…

I don’t know the people in this photo, neither does the guy who uploaded the picture. But that is the entire point of the page I found when i was checking out as I do once a week, At least… anyways, long story short – postsecret had a link to Ifoundyourcamera and I’m loving the idea for this page.

We have foundmagazine and other places on the net where you upload what you find on the streets, including pictures but Ifoundyourcamera is different… and how you say. Well first of all, the pictures that are found are only uploaded to tell people that they found your camera if you want it back. It’s nice (and always funny) to get a sneak peek inside peoples private photo collection and at the sametime knowing that this is only done so people can get their treasured memories back.

I defenitly hope that people would do the same to my pictures if I lost my camera

check it out here

all for now


but deffinitly not the same

If you’ve ever checked out my links, you would know a place called postsecrets. Christ, if you live in this world and have internet acces you would know about

Anyways, I was stumbling along and ended up at this pretty good parody site called postrejects

go check it out and have a laugh – here

all for now

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