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I totally want one of these

it’s so cute, so fun and a really good idea. i’ve always hated a bar of soap and this solves it. It grades the soap everytime you press the handle and gives you a tny amount of soap flakes. Nathalie Stämplfi designed this and like everything else she’s done it’s crative and well thought…

Check out her pae here and really dig around, she’s amazing

all for now and untill next time

New Year, New Artist

So ‘i’ve been aways not blogging but travelling and having a blast! but now I’m back and ready to do some work – including updating this more oftent

As the first treat this year i present to you Blake Fall-Conroy and his amazing sculptures and instalations. He works with a pragmatic, funny and quirky acces to life and twists the perception of our everyday. The machine on the photo is a miknimum wage machine – if you turn the handle for an hour you will earn 7,15 $, this meaning it will realese a penny every five seconds – a lovely way to illustrate the value of your time.

check out his work here

all for now and untill next time

So much more than paper

it’s magical, classic and totally awesome… Anna Wili Highfield is super talented and I’m totally loving her paper sculptures of birds. She’s sydney based, new and super talented… check out her site here where you can also see her copper pipe sculptures

all for now and untill next time


Life hacks

what it says it is… life hacks – different simple ways of making your life easier and/or cheaper.

check out the fullscale poster here

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Cutest project Ever

Ok… it’s not kitten and a ball of yarn cute, but it’s so simple and based on something as beautiful as trust.

Take picture, don’t steal is an art project started by Matt Greenwood in Toronto – basicly he trusts people – he hangs a disposable camera somewhere with a sign saying “take picture, don’t steal” – and amazingly… people do this… and let i t hang so he can develop the pictures and hang a new one

check out more here

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If I had a million

I’d probably not buy the stuff i should and go straight on to this

check out alot of extremly love decors, textiles and artwork done by the argentine Lucas Risé here

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Avatar Days

<3<3<3 this little movie from Ireland made by Gavin Kelly – reminds me of the book featuring portraits of people and their avatar next to it… this is just alot cooler… love how in one of the scenes an avatar is standing in line in a kiosk and noone seems to care 🙂

check out more Gavin Kelly here (the group he works for i guess)

all for now and untill later

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