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Someone told me

that I should check this out and I did.

Nathan Vincent (great artist btw – check out stuff here) recomended me this site after he saw the shit sites I usually check out. And he got it right, it’s a waste of time and it’s arty!! my favourite pasttime is stupid stuff which I can excuse as art 🙂 graphic, cute, over the top and just entertaining if you have some kind of relationsship with

check out more here

All for now and untill next time

Fun Fun Fun

is about all I need to say.

I found this using stumble, and i reminds me of my personal favourites Natalie Dee and Married to the Sea that kind of ruled my life for a while… And I actually miss it. Go ahead and have a laugh at The Saturday Bulletin. They do comic text for old fashioned illustrations.

check out The saturday Bulletin here

and if you haven’t checked out the other two before, then go here or here

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So you want to buy?

I came across a blog called “It’s lovely, I’ll take it” and at first I didn’t get it… but then it dawned on me to look closer at the pictures and realised that every picture contains a little detail which makes the house in the picture unsellable.

Every picture is taken from realestate adverts and the likings.

Go check out what stupid pictures people use to sell their houses.


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