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So much more than paper

it’s magical, classic and totally awesome… Anna Wili Highfield is super talented and I’m totally loving her paper sculptures of birds. She’s sydney based, new and super talented… check out her site here where you can also see her copper pipe sculptures

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My boyfriend is back

or at least my computer is back and up and running – and OH! the joy! I will be blogging again and i will be stumbling and I will enjoy wathing Glee online again 🙂

anyways – Whilst having nothing to do since my life apparently is lived through my computer, and otherwise only consist of working for the man and sleeping, I re-found my creative side (or what ever you call it without being all girly about it)

Yes – it’s paper, and I’m cutting it… into shapes and stuff with stuff… First one was made because I was attending a party with a bird theme (no story, sorry – to weird and to drunk) and the other because I needed something for the bare wall in my “living room/office”.

and what did I listen to while i was cutting you say? – well… right now it’s Modern Drift by Efterklang… it’s the soundtrack of my state of mind these days and really makes me mellow and comfy

check it out here

all for now and untill next time


or how small are his hands since he’s able to do this.

I’m amazed by the works of Peter Callesen which i discovered while I was checking out an art blog. They had a post about Jen Stark (previously mentioned on this) and in this post they had pictures of Peter Callesens works aswell. Where Jen is really sharp, colour oriented and into creating patterns and shapes – Peter is more about telling the story in detail and with a twist of morbidity over it.

Go check out his website here

all for now and untill next time

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