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I totally want one of these

it’s so cute, so fun and a really good idea. i’ve always hated a bar of soap and this solves it. It grades the soap everytime you press the handle and gives you a tny amount of soap flakes. Nathalie Stämplfi designed this and like everything else she’s done it’s crative and well thought…

Check out her pae here and really dig around, she’s amazing

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Life hacks

what it says it is… life hacks – different simple ways of making your life easier and/or cheaper.

check out the fullscale poster here

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Cutest project Ever

Ok… it’s not kitten and a ball of yarn cute, but it’s so simple and based on something as beautiful as trust.

Take picture, don’t steal is an art project started by Matt Greenwood in Toronto – basicly he trusts people – he hangs a disposable camera somewhere with a sign saying “take picture, don’t steal” – and amazingly… people do this… and let i t hang so he can develop the pictures and hang a new one

check out more here

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Just read this

great post that brought me back to my younger cereal eating in front of the telly days. Comicsalliance (great site btw) made a pst about the title cards in the early batman cartoons… seriously… i had totally forgotten the beauty of them and the universe that Bruce Timm pulls you into.

check out the post here

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I can’t really put this in words

I’m somwhat amazed, mesmerized and dazled… yes… dazled… byt Rafaël Rozendaal… it’s just… I don’t know… he’s just AWESOME…

It’s only recent I realized that a whole bunch of net sites/art sites is his – I’ve been a fan without knowing. Also because the art is so subtile and reminds people of flash animations without a purpose and it kind of is but then again. Maybe it’s one of those things where people either go “this is not art, it’s a stupid .gif” or “it touches me by it’s complex simplicity”

seriously – go check his stuff out here or TTYN

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I soooooo want this

man, such a simple idea but totally awesome concept

i’m going to buy one as soon as i can – check them out here and here

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I know, it’s really simple but since it’s owls (yes OWLS!!!) and the situation of hangovers… i love it! I think it’s the same reason I laugh hard of people being stoned in movies – because it’s so funny and i kind of have either been that dude or talked to that dude… and in this situation, I’ve been the Owl…

enjoy here

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