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Cutest project Ever

Ok… it’s not kitten and a ball of yarn cute, but it’s so simple and based on something as beautiful as trust.

Take picture, don’t steal is an art project started by Matt Greenwood in Toronto – basicly he trusts people – he hangs a disposable camera somewhere with a sign saying “take picture, don’t steal” – and amazingly… people do this… and let i t hang so he can develop the pictures and hang a new one

check out more here

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Sleepy time

just like the post before this is a post where I’m not sure if this is art or not

It requires a webcam and an open mind.

It evolves and grows and enriches and lives its own life. Respect to Kim Köster

it’s kinda of cute and magical and you should check it out here

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Doesn’t get more indie than this

no shit – it doesn’t… if it does, please do tell me how

anyways, I think I love it… just because – well honestly, it’s cute…

read more indie toons here

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Secrets to share?

or do you just feel like doing something funny, quirky, nice and different? DropSpots it is then…. mini adventures combined with the joy of the exclusivity with a dash of indie-postsecret-found-society-look-a-like! A DropSpot is a secret place where someone left you a present/gift and when you find it, you leave your own present/gift for the next one…

I find it amazingly cute and it’s really something I have to try… there’s one DropSpot in Copenhagen so far… I’m checking it out and I think I’m making another one soon.

check out if there’s a DropSpot in your town here

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So nice

just a little treat 🙂

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