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3 photopost I <3

Yup, title says it all!!

first out is Ryan Donnels series about weird voting places in the US. it’s quirky fun and intriuging (especially if you come from a country where you only vote at schools) – check it out here – check out Ryans own site here

Second out is a series about city skylines made of a lot of different stuff – check it out here

third, but not least, is a series from the Stockholm (sweden) subway! it’s so awesome and way prettier than the copenhagen one – check it out here

all for now and untill next time!!


Crash Boom Bang

is also a popular song by Roxette and that would lead me to my trip to Gothemburg Sweden, and the trip I just took to the same city.

While driving calmly, after having a nice meal, something happened. I was driving behind a large volvo with a fat lady in it. I know she’s fat because i saw her getting in to her car, and she was chunky fat. We were going to drive onto a larger road from a small one, normal speed, 4 cars, I was second in row, no traffic ahead… you could ust drie dirrectly onto the larger road if you wanted to. But for no apparent reson the lady didn’t. She hammered her brake down, which resulted in me hitting her car and the cars behind me driving onto the grass and the opposite lane. Apparently this didn’t bother her much, so she took off. Thanks fatty.

Anywho, first ever crash, not to bad and hopefully not to expensive… it was a rental car, you know.

So I’m working extra shifts to be sure to have mone for christmas and the repair.

in other news, at least this didn’t happen to me

and as a treat i’ll just post the Roxette video, since it’s great

Btw, I’m really looking forward to the holidays, cristmas time rocks…

all for now 🙂

Once you go Malmö

you do come back…

I’ve been doing school work in Malmö the last 3 days and it’s been major fun, especially because of Mia and Bjarke who’s been funny and anoying. Mainly funny. I already miss Malmö and all the things about Sweden i adore… one thing in particular which I haven’t had since i was about 16 yo. and my mom brought them home from Sweden.



I’m talking about Polly, delicious chewy chocolates… mmmmm

I’m gonne go back to Malmö soon to get some, and play som minature golf in Folkets Park since I haven’t done that in a while either.

all for now

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