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New Year, New Artist

So ‘i’ve been aways not blogging but travelling and having a blast! but now I’m back and ready to do some work – including updating this more oftent

As the first treat this year i present to you Blake Fall-Conroy and his amazing sculptures and instalations. He works with a pragmatic, funny and quirky acces to life and twists the perception of our everyday. The machine on the photo is a miknimum wage machine – if you turn the handle for an hour you will earn 7,15 $, this meaning it will realese a penny every five seconds – a lovely way to illustrate the value of your time.

check out his work here

all for now and untill next time


Avatar Days

<3<3<3 this little movie from Ireland made by Gavin Kelly – reminds me of the book featuring portraits of people and their avatar next to it… this is just alot cooler… love how in one of the scenes an avatar is standing in line in a kiosk and noone seems to care 🙂

check out more Gavin Kelly here (the group he works for i guess)

all for now and untill later

cool or too much?

I don’t know – I kind of like the idea behind it but again it feels like somekind of  schoolproject not able to actually go through.

But I like it enough to blog it – check it out here and find out why the thing in the picture is more than just som weird furniture

all for now and untill next time

It’s all about the Felt?

yup! Felt… didn’t belive it either, but there is actually people doing needle felt art – and not only needle felt art, but needle felt art that is actualle interresting. What have ye…

Kudos to Kay Petal (love the name) and her art which you can see more of here and here

thanks to the sweet peeps at for showing me this

all for now and untill next time

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