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I totally want one of these

it’s so cute, so fun and a really good idea. i’ve always hated a bar of soap and this solves it. It grades the soap everytime you press the handle and gives you a tny amount of soap flakes. Nathalie Stämplfi designed this and like everything else she’s done it’s crative and well thought…

Check out her pae here and really dig around, she’s amazing

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just random stuff i’ve found on the internets

just random

from the top:

lamp i found on hot australian guys blog – lamp made by Johanne Stavnstrup

random picture of airport

blog about what families devour – Ouch…

My ex something Mads Dinesen had his Graduation show from UDK

The Gashlycrumb tinies – horrific child poetry

oilbodypainted guy in subway – art by Alexa Meade

beardhead – my newest ascessoires for the winter – check it out here

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I want kids

so i have a legit excuse to buy this and keep it to myself

I might just buy it anyways – you can buy it here – Kendra Phillips, I ❤ Ur Shark

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2 sides of blogging

both is art – one is way arty and the other is more like curriosa

First of we have COLT+RANE – a tumblr gone wild feat. nice, fun, artsy, curriuos and pretty things. I haven’t seen anything there I don’t like. If you go visit here, please remember to check out their post with a Brian Eno and Grizzly Bear DIY remix. Gets me everytime…

second…. yeah…. ehm’…. This is gay, artsy, weird excentric and too much. And that’s why I like it – It’s graphic and contains nudity, a lot… but its art…some of it, some is maybe porn… Anyways, Markko Donto – check it out here

well… all for now and untill next time

cool or too much?

I don’t know – I kind of like the idea behind it but again it feels like somekind of  schoolproject not able to actually go through.

But I like it enough to blog it – check it out here and find out why the thing in the picture is more than just som weird furniture

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I want one

nuff’ said

all for now and untill next time

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