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So what about Christmas?

my mom wanted to be anonymous... mission accomplished...

my mom wanted to be anonymous... mission accomplished...

Said my Mom during the spontanous dinner at sad, busy but still fab wagamama. And she ment it.
In my family we do plan Christmas in good time so there is the right time for every little shopping, eating habbit and wuirky tradition. Plus the fact that it’s a Lego family build together of alot of different blocks means there is some logistic planning to be done.

Anywho… she also asked about presents… and so far all I know i want is this – Log Bowls by Doha Chehib

These cute and rustic bowls are my hearts desire. I long for them. I know there not that much out there and hip. But I know that i’ll have them for a milions years to come and my kids will hate them and one day my grandkids will enherit them…

yep… I want them for christmas… well… more wishes to be announced in november (maybe earlier – you never know)

all for now and untill next time

Is it brave or stupid?

I just don’t know…

so it’s just another day, and I’m stumbling alone on the great big internet and all of a sudden I end up here

And what a lovely place to end up. A girl who bluntly tells you about sexual failures and stupid guys (added to this it’s called who she met. All wrote bitterly, funny, sarcasticly and very blunt. Every guy comes with a picture, which she’s been nice enough to anonymize.

I’m impressed. I know my mom just read my blog recently but  letting her and the world know about what and who I’ve done… I’m just not ready for that yet.

all for now

Once you go Malmö

you do come back…

I’ve been doing school work in Malmö the last 3 days and it’s been major fun, especially because of Mia and Bjarke who’s been funny and anoying. Mainly funny. I already miss Malmö and all the things about Sweden i adore… one thing in particular which I haven’t had since i was about 16 yo. and my mom brought them home from Sweden.



I’m talking about Polly, delicious chewy chocolates… mmmmm

I’m gonne go back to Malmö soon to get some, and play som minature golf in Folkets Park since I haven’t done that in a while either.

all for now

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