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Someone told me

that I should check this out and I did.

Nathan Vincent (great artist btw – check out stuff here) recomended me this site after he saw the shit sites I usually check out. And he got it right, it’s a waste of time and it’s arty!! my favourite pasttime is stupid stuff which I can excuse as art 🙂 graphic, cute, over the top and just entertaining if you have some kind of relationsship with

check out more here

All for now and untill next time

My future Husband

or just a guy like him then…

I’ve been watching Glee lately, and I’m loving it… it has the cheesyness, the drama, the show… it has everything I look for in tacky series… It’s like an updated version of Popular (who kan forget Mary Cherry) with singing in it… anyways, do check it out, it’s brilliant

And of course people do fanvids… including this guy… Jason Whipple (he’s the one doing Quinns part in the fanvid) and I must marry the dude… He’s cute – check, gay – check, silly – check, and creative – check…. Yup…. gotta move to the US and hunt him down.

read more about him here

all for now and untill next time

Oh the Gayness

will it ever stop?!? And the answer is NO!

Because sometimes you have to indulge and just let yourself be taken over by the charm of arty farty gayness. BUTT magazine and the likes of it has done it, and now a blog has caught my attention.

He’s indie hot… no doubt ’bout it… he takes semi-nude pics and nude pics of himself…. he’s arty…. it’s the entire package (insert gay giggle here)

anyways…. Ladies and Gays… I present to you Haikal and his photoblog about himself ! YaY – click here (and it’s okay not to read the text and just look at pictures)

I promise to be less gay now

All for now and untill next time

So wrong…

but then again….

I’m not saying it’s brilliant but there is something about it… something catchy and something good about the eurodancegaydiscopumping beat version full of auto tuner and synths.

I know it’s wrong, and even more so when the singer is a former gay porn performer… but hey who gives a hoo haa about that.

and now we’re at it… this next tunes got me rocking and popping with my cock out at anytime

i ❤ cazwell

all for now and untill next time

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