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Never thought

I would thank facebook for helping me find music. And in all honesty, it wasn’t facebook but a comment on my facebook status from a guy i went to highschool with that led my ears to this guy/band. Yes I do say guy slash band since he’s playing everything himself and is acutally really good at it.

It’s hard to describe what he sounds like, but he has elements of cheesy rock and elements of sweet deep melodic melancoly. Kind of whiny but okay

His “band” is called Owen and check him out here (he has free downloads)

And while you’re at it, go check out my highschool buddy Snæivars band Mimas, they’re up and coming in denmark and really worth a listen.

check it out here

all for now

Well, I didn’t know you could use it for that

But she did

Her name is Jennifer Maestre and she is indeed interesting. She uses colourpencils as the fabric instead of, on fabrics. It’s really cool and interesting.I get amazed by her work and at the same time, have no clue where I would put it in my own home.

check her out here

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Cute as a button

or just plain old pretty..

well, about 2 month ago I found this pretty ring at the place i work and the day after a woman wearing a really similar ring walks in and orders. I notice the ring, and asks her if the one I’ve found is hers. It isn’t but she’s the one who made it. And she made the ring for one of her best friends. She hands me her card after we chat for a while and i check her page called (raat=råt=raw in danish) out. Nothing… it was under construction and i forgot about it.

Now, the thing is my sisters birthday is this friday and she’s totally in to pretty stuff like the rings. So I thought I’d ought to check out the page again, and it’s working and you should check it out. She makes funky, new, special rings and she does custom rings aswell. The site is in danish but check it out anyways

check it out here

check out my sister here

in other news…

one of the creepiest post ever on “it’s lovely, I’ll take it”, here

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Tubing it!

sometimes you just get amazed and think it’s wonderfull. Eventhough you’re not sure if you’re impressed, momentarily amazed or actually really like this…

so far, I really do like this… First of, it has to do with subways around the world, and I for one love public transportation and especially the maps of it.

This site contains both the map and drawings of people from all over the world. And really nice drawings, a can’t wuite define the style but it reminds me of some of the 70’ties comicbooks my stepmom keeps in her office.

go check it out here

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What I’m going to see…

… and what will be blasting in my ears on my way for that show!

the 13th o November, something nice and funny is happening. Everyone does it. You’ve had a bit to drink, you’re two guys in front of a laptap…. and all of a sudden, you try to find the funniest clip on youtube.

And then imagine that with two directors in a cinema… yes i do like!

check it out here (sorry, it’s in danish)

and when I’m on my way there, I can almost promise you that I’ll be listening to “The Brighton Port Authority” with their amazing track toe jam…. I just love it…

check out the brilliant video

or check out their myspace here

all for now

I know I shouldn’t…

But pop is in my heart and I do appreciate a good pop-track.

Of course it includes Timbaland and is “funky'”. To qoute a danish producer “Timbaland just managed to shake a pack of peas and pretend he invented that sound. And he’s good at it”

It’s the same old same o’ Keri Hilson, and it’s kind of okay…

check it out here – i apparently couldn’t figure out how to add a yahoo video

and get the song here

and I’ll bet you all you gay friends gonna love it..

Such a cheezy name

and yet so nice music…

the nice guys over at PalmsOut admitted they have a dirty pleasure listening to Starfucker.

At first the name made me hate it without hearing it. But as you sometimes should, I gave them a chance and, you know what… I actually liked it…

well I shouldn’t let you out on this one so check out their myspace here

or get the tracks here or here

all for now

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