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It’s like cartoon network but better

Pablo Lobato – just discovered him today…

I love the way that he draws with influences from picasso, the 60’ies and cartoons like power puff girls. It’s not groundbreaking but i like his way of drawing and the bit of edge he puts into his drawings.

Check out stuff here

All for now and untill next time

August means Art

lately i’ve been drunk… no shit – summer has been all about getting a buzz on and now it’s back to work and the internets…

my latest discovery is this amazing structural creature piece of art by Theo Jansen – check it out here – I don’t know if it’s just brilliant or just weird… i think i love it…

in other news we have Francois Robert – it’s been some while since I discovered his art but it’s still worth a look – it’s a cheezy subject but hey, it works – check it out here

finally – just get you stoner on about this photo

all for now and untill next time

It’s still Summer?

art by Mikkel SommerNope, it’s Mikkel Sommer… yeah i know… but at least I tried

Anyways, Mikkel Sommer is a danish animations student i stumled upon and instantly fell in love with… he has a way of drawing which is somewhere in between right and wrong. His animations are real, honest and appeals to the beauty of the odd shapes in humans.

I love it, go check him out here

all for now and untill next time

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