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Cutest project Ever

Ok… it’s not kitten and a ball of yarn cute, but it’s so simple and based on something as beautiful as trust.

Take picture, don’t steal is an art project started by Matt Greenwood in Toronto – basicly he trusts people – he hangs a disposable camera somewhere with a sign saying “take picture, don’t steal” – and amazingly… people do this… and let i t hang so he can develop the pictures and hang a new one

check out more here

all for now and untill next time


Pling pling pling

and alot of others sounds is what you get in this lovely little stoner game kind of thing

It’s a sound matrix and if you, like me, get caught up with cute and funny games on the internets… then you’ll love this

check it out here

all for now and untill next time

If I had a million

I’d probably not buy the stuff i should and go straight on to this

check out alot of extremly love decors, textiles and artwork done by the argentine Lucas Risé here

all for now and untill next time

Avatar Days

<3<3<3 this little movie from Ireland made by Gavin Kelly – reminds me of the book featuring portraits of people and their avatar next to it… this is just alot cooler… love how in one of the scenes an avatar is standing in line in a kiosk and noone seems to care 🙂

check out more Gavin Kelly here (the group he works for i guess)

all for now and untill later

End of Movember

means men with more facial hair than usual, and also means… I fancy guys with mustaches or beards… and that is why i love this site with photos by Dave Mead! (love his work)

go check out all the lovely beardy men – my favourite is the bjørn borg look a like!

remember that prostate cancer is still an issue, go get checked…

all for now and untill next time

I so need to live in Chicago

so i can work on this show… seriously… I love this…

Im back, and I give you Zach <3

i’ve been away from my blog and as an excuse i give you this

If you, as me, love Zach Galifianakis… you should check out “Bored to death” running on it’s second season and it features the always cute and funny Jason Schwartzman and the weirdly great casted Ted Danson

check it out here

see you soon

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