Three Nordic Sirens

or something less dramatic…

Anyways, I thought I had to do a music entry for once and why not use it on teling y’all what has been in my ears lately.

The reason why I write three nordic Sirens, is that one is from Sweden, one is from Denmark and the last one… yes, you’ve guessed it, is from Norway.

From Sweden we have the lovely Nina Kinert – it’s actually 3 months since I started listening to her, but I rediscovered her when I put my ipod on shuffle. “I shot my man” and her new track “Bad Hands” are my favourites.

check her out here

From Denmark it’s Oh Land – She’s been a Major hit in Denmark and hopefully she’s going abroad soon. She has potential and charisma enough to go international. “Audition day”, the hit, is the one to check out.

check her out here

From Norway we have Rocketotthesky – I discovered her 3 days ago, and I havent been listening to anything else lately… it’s weird, it’s haunting and it’s fragile… I like it… ALOT! Check out “a cute lovesong” and ” the dead dead water lily thing”, Adore them.

check her out here

What is great about all three is the femine nordic sound they all attack and caress… they are nothing alike, but you sense that there is something alike about them.

They are all playing at the danish festival, SPOT (check that out here)

anyways… In other news

My good buddy Lasse has a musicproject going on, Honey and a box of love, and it’s deffinitly also worth a listen. It’s quirky and stoned, but good. My favourite track is “smile to pedestrians”

check that out here

all for now, and until next time…


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