How could I forget her

and I never really did…

After all, best concert at Roskilde last year was her. And I’ve been hooked on this girl for years… dammit, if you don’t know I pitty you (fool… as mr. T would have said)

Lately she’s been rather quiet (insert sad face and moan) but but but… at one of my fav blogs Oh Crap they recently did a ZIP post and you never know what you get in those. But what I got was a lovely suprise and a nice new trip down memory lane (okay, strechting it… I know) when I opened a Robyn remix, and a good one!!!

anyways, if you like Robyn and If you like dubby remixes/or is it 2step…. I can never get i right…  maybe you should click here – not forcing anyone

anyways, you could also check out Oh Crap here

anyways… I know I’ve been lazy with posting (thanks for telling me Mikkel) but I’ll try my best to update more oftent…

untill next time, and all for now


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