Either you have to much time


or you smoke to much weed…

That’s one of the first things i tend to think on many, oooohhhh so many sites i stumble upon.

Admitted, I do like stoned sites (check my stumble upon favorite pages, if you have any doubts) and i can spend a lot of time doing nothing on the net.

But this site takes the prize, definetly… i have no clue why they started this site… and why it’s called “why he was sad”

anyways, get your inner stoner on here

and while we’re at it

check out this, this, this and this (these have kept me awake for to many nights, espacially the last one)

and when you’re done with those… might I interest you with this?  I personally want one, don’t know why… I just do

And since you allready taken an interest in weird and slightly pointless things… then maybe you’ve seen doctor horrible sing a long blog? I know I did…

and that led me to “The Guild”, short episodes about a guild of gamers and their IRL encounters – get you stoner on here

all for now


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